The Power of Real Ingredients

If you’ve read anything about Packit Gourmet’s origins, you already know that our meals were born in a kitchen preparing for a backcountry canoe trip … and that we understand you only feel as good as the quality of the food you eat …

What does that mean to us?  It means creating our meals with a variety of wholesome vegetables, proteins, grains, legumes, herbs and spices that serve your body well at the end of a long hard day. We want you to be able to look down at your bowl of Gumbo and see the chunks of okra, roasted tomatoes, corn, and bell peppers swimming around – but even more than that – we want your body to experience the rush of nutrients those real ingredients deliver.

With a wall of colorful spices in our pantry to choose from, and a kitchen stocked with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, it’s about putting that rainbow in every bowl.


Tuscan Beef Stew with Italian Polenta featuring a blend of 15 nutritious vegetables

Did you know that our Beef Stew with Polenta has a whopping 15 vegetables? Corn, potatoes, carrots, red and green bell peppers, tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, celery, beets, mushrooms and 4 types of onion: shallots, chives, green onions and white onions … plus basil!

Our Ramen Rescue simply allows you to “rescue” a bowl of off-the-shelf noodles by adding a medley of 10 different nutrient-rich vegetables, plus the added protein of chicken if you choose.

You’ll even get healthy infusion of 6 veggies in your Diner Scrambled Eggs (green bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and chives) … we’re sneaky like that 🙂

Debbie’s policy has always been the more diverse your plate is, the better … bringing bursts of color and flavor to the dish and most importantly, creating a meal that’s chock full of vitamins, nutrients, and fiber;

ingredients that allow your body to fire on all cylinders — keeping your gut happy, your energy sustained, and your body prepared for the miles you’ll walk and the mountains you’ll climb!

And although the vegetables can steal the show with pops of flavor and beautiful colors, we ensure the macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats) are balanced by incorporating beans, whole grains, quality meats, nuts and seeds — it’s all part of the plan!

Those 15 vegetables in the Beef Stew we mentioned earlier swim in a restorative vitamin-rich seasoned stock and are complimented by protein-rich lean roasted beef and creamy calcium-rich parmesan polenta.

Seeking a well-rounded powerhouse of a meal without the animal protein? Start your day strong with the Good Day Sunshine Bowl, featuring: whole grain rolled oats, nuts (almond and pecans), seeds (sesame, hemp hearts, chia seeds and pumpkin), grains (quinoa and amaranth) and fruits (mango, currants, and coconut) — that’s 12 individual ingredients that come together to provide a concentrated balance of protein, antioxidants, essential fats, minerals and fibers to help regulate your digestive system, provide an energy boost and help keep you fuller longer.

Debbie blending Good Day Sunshine Bowl’s 12 ingredients by hand.

To us, it’s about more than using real ingredients, it’s about thoughtfully blending them together to create the perfect storm of a meal, not only to capture the attention of your tastebuds, but to restore and elevate your body and soul!

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