What’s In Our Camp Kitchen?

The Camp Kitchen: A sacred space, where all are welcome! A space dedicated to community, nourishment, flavor, and where hangry campers find solace!

As lifelong purveyors of well crafted camp meals and trail food, we have amassed a large repertoire of chef tools and kitchen gadgetry, learning best practices and uncovering a few tricks along the way!

In honor of car camping season & to help you with your own camp kitchen build, we’ve compiled a list favorite camp chef tools and kitchen accessories for “Front Country” Car Camping & Back Country trips!

For Car Camping Kitchens

Steam Bake Kit

Did you know you could leverage the power of steam to bake a legitimate camp desert? Enjoy cupcakes, brownies or piping hot muffins in the backcountry with our baking kit!

(This kit includes a silicone steam base, silicon cupcake cups, a pot scraper and mini whisk, which are all sold separately as well!)

Simply place the steamer base in your pot, add enough water to cover the surface, and place your batter-filled silicone baking cups evenly on the base. Place a lid on your pot, turn up the heat and wait as the steam from the boiling water bakes your batter!

This set can be paired with your own recipe or used to steam-bake our Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes

Pot Scraper

Pot scrapers are a great, simple tool to have around camp, doing everything from scraping out dirty pots to serving food. This handy scraper has an enlarged top so that you can easily grip it even when it’s wet.

Heat Diffuser

One of our favorite camp kitchen tools: a heat diffuser (a.k.a. flame tamer) can make the difference between a perfectly cooked camp dinner and a scorched barely edible meal.

How? The perforations work to distribute the intensity of the heat directly hitting the bottom of the pan, so the chance of burning is virtually eliminated.

We recommend adding this layer of protection between the flame (from a camp stove or a campfire) and the bottom of your cook-pot any time you want to ensure a slow steady burn-free cook time.

This is especially helpful for delicate items such as scrambled eggs, or baking.

Cast Iron Skillet

Speaking of heat, this is a must-have for cooking over open flames. Plus, a small to medium cast iron skillet still fits nicely on a classic propane camp stove. Cooking on cast iron adds a level of flavor and since cast iron holds heat better than an aluminum pan, it’s the perfect option for Skillet Breads and Breakfast Biscuits. We are partial to The Field Company’s cast iron, a refined take on the camp classic!

Collapsable Cook Pot

We love all things Sea to Summit, so for camp pasta dishes like our Market Pasta Puttanesca, there’s no better option for cooking and straining than this silicon, collapsible pot. The X Pot comes in several different sizes which makes it great for both car camping scenarios and the back country.

The Kitchen Sink…

…okay it’s not technically the kitchen sink, but it’s pretty dang close! The Sea to Summit Ultra Sil kitchen sink It’s portable and collapsible with a stainless-steel cable stiffener ring allowing the sink to pop in place and stand on its own when filled with water. Plus, its wide carrying handles make it great for collection and carrying of water for purification, cooking, washing dishes or personal bathing! This pairs well with Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash for cleaning dishes at camp.

Ready to pack up the car and head into the wilderness? Don’t forget the grub!

We’ve curated our favorite meals and snacks for car camping fun here.

For Backcountry Kitchens

Sea to Summit Dinnerware & Cutlery

The Ultralight Long Handle Spork (a durable aluminum in a sleek-yet-strong shape to create an extremely lightweight utensil) and X-Cups (food grade silicone that collapses down into a lightweight, compact and packable disk) are some of our favorite options from Sea to Summit dinnerware. Checkout the full line-up of Spork, Spoon, Bowl and Cup options here!


From the front country to the back country, a Cook-In-Cozy should always make the gear list! Give your boil-in-bag or just-add-water meals a cozy experience, maximize cook times, and keep your entrée nice and toasty! Made with lightweight materials, the pot-cozy is a no-brainer for thru-hikes and multi-day wilderness trips where cold evenings and mornings are on the forecast!

Rapid Boil Pot Stoves

The Jet Boil & Wind Burner stoves swiftly changed the game for just-add-water meals and we haven’t looked back since! Durable, compact, and incredibly simple to use. In the rare event than an igniter fails, be sure to pack a flint/steel option like the Light my Firesteel 2-in-1.

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter

A compact, lightweight workhorse of filter that’s become a fan favorite of Ultralight hikers and thru hikers all over the world. Filter water quickly and easily for cold trail margaritas and boil-in-bag dinners!

*Pro-tip: Check out our Ultralight Meal Bundle to complete your fast and light meal planning!

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Jerry Griffin
Jerry Griffin
2 years ago

the molten chocolate desserts are some of the most seriously decadent goodies I’ve ever had! the kit pairs & works perfectly with our Trangia cookset,!