Trailside Snacks That Keep Us Fueled

As much as we love the freedom of the hills, we know that in order to have a great wilderness experience, you must be prepared for the inherent dangers and risks that come with wilderness travel.

Inclement weather, physical injuries, wildlife encounters…and most dangerous of all…the snack attack. 

Snack attacks can happen anywhere and everywhere, often times sneaking up and attacking when you least expect it! 

If you find yourself in the midst of a snack attack, it’s important to stay calm, don’t make eye contact with your hunger and act quickly, keeping your snacks close and accessible

To help, we’ve compiled a list of our family’s top 5 favorite snacks and snacking ideas for satiating those sneaky little snack attacks.

1. Freeze-dried Fruits and Veggies

Possibly the healthiest snack attack of your lives, campers!

For years we’ve made freeze-dried and dehydrated bulk groceries available for personalizing and adding flavor to your cook-in-bag camp meals. But, did you know that several of these options make for great snacking?

With no need to rehydrate, our freeze-dried fruits and veggies have full flavor crunch without the guilt of potato chips or junk food on trail.

They’re light-weight, nutritious, crunchy, bursts of flavor that you can season to your liking, eat on their own, or mix in with your favorite trail mix and granola.

(We are partial to the edamame, english peas, sweet corn, and sliced strawberries!)

2. Real Food Bars

The name says it all, y’all! Another local ATX brand, that strikes the high protein (pea protein) / low sugar balance with real ingredients that offer slow release fuel for long days in the wilderness or a busy day in the city.

Did you know that approximately 1/3 of all food in the U.S. is wasted and approximately 15% of all food globally?

Real Food Bars has made it their mission to combat this, and have been able to rescue over 500 pounds of kale, cauliflower and sweet potato that would otherwise go to a landfill!

We are fans of the Cherry Cashew Butter Bar but for all the cacao lovers out there, be sure to try to the Chocolate Sea-salt bar.

3. Nut Butters

You just can’t go wrong stashing a few packs of Justin’s or TrailButter nut butters in your daypack. Long gone are the days of being limited to peanuts (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) and a new era of extravagance has arrived!

From Cashew to Almond to Hazelnut…if it’s a nut or a seed, you can butter it!

The folks at TrailButter have taken it a step further, infusing nut butters with dark chocolate, maple syrup, cranberries and coffee. These are so flavorful, there’s often no need to pair it with anything but a smile and chapped lips.

4. Cheese Triangles

These little triangles of joy are a fan favorite amongst backpackers and thru-hikers alike.

Whether enjoyed on crackers or paired with beef jerky, or as rich addition to hot meals and stove-less lunches, these neatly packaged treats never melt or explode in your food bag or snack pouch.

A triangle of cheese might seem too simple to be so powerful…but just trust us on this one!

5. Trailside Smoothies

Wait…a smoothie in a bag?

Yep, you better believe it!

NASA level innovation went into these two recipes, leveraging whey protein and greek yogurts paired with real fruit purees and dices to make the perfect sweet treat that keeps you fueled.

Try the Berry Berry Jump Start Smoothie or the Peach Passion Jump Start Smoothie (back in stock soon!) to quench your thirst with a protein rich mid-day boost.

*Honorable Mention goes to La Reina of happy hours everywhere … The Moonshine Margarita! *

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