The Great Tortilla Showdown

Why does the tortilla reign supreme?

Simply put, the tortilla or wrap is a practically un-smush-able, shelf stable, easy to pack bread that you can pair to any and all savory flavors.

Tortillas and wraps open the door to backcountry meal possibilities that are unattainable without this magical layer of bread; possibilities such as Tacos, Burritos, Deli Wraps, Pizza…wait, did you just say PIZZA? …We sure did, so keep reading!

For years, backcountry chefs have debated on what constitutes a “tortilla” vs a “wrap”. Traditionally, tortillas have been smaller and thinner in size, with wraps being larger, thicker and more seasoned. That being said, in today’s fast paced world of food fusion the lines are becoming a bit blurred or “doughy”, some might say 😉 So, for the sake of this blog we will use the two interchangeably.

To consider when planning your BYO-Bread options


This one is a bit subjective but key! Many of our entrées pair well with two small to medium-sized tortillas or one large wrap, so plan accordingly to hit that bread to spice ratio just right!


Depending on what backcountry (or front country) activities you’re getting into, you should be considering macronutrients in your meal planning and developing a ratio of carbs, proteins and fats that are needed to stay fueled in the wilderness. Many of our entrées are protein packed, and p-iring with a healthy carbohydrate source such as tortillas is a great way to bring balance plus a few extra calories to your meal!

The Gold Standard & Dietary Restrictions

Traditionally, tortillas and wraps have come in two major options: Flour and Corn. For decades, the Mission brand tortilla has dominated trail heads, portages and wilderness lunch breaks. They are affordable, found everywhere and many campers go-to option.

That said, the trusty rusty Mission tortilla isn’t always the best option for everyone and brands have gotten extremely creative in alternative options for those who are seeking gluten free or keto lifestyles.

So, without further adieu…

Our Staff Picks for Backcountry Tortillas and Wraps

For Tacos & Burritos

Siete Foods is another ATX-based family brand that has completely broken the mold on grain free alternatives. Their gluten free, dairy free, and non GMO tortillas aren’t just grain free, but delicious!  Offered in multiple sizes, we love pairing Siete tortillas with the Tex-Mex Breakfast Taco, as well as the Big’un Burrito with Fajita Chicken and our Trailside Bean and Cheese Burritos. 

For Chicken Salad Wraps

The Angelic Bakehouse Seven Grain Wrap is our go to for our TX Mesquite, Cajun Ranch and Mango Curry Chicken Wraps as well as the Deli Smoked Roast Beef Wrap! These sprouted whole grain wraps are medium in width and pair perfectly with our cold soak wraps.

Our favorite option from the Angelic Bakehouse lineup is the standard wrap but the Spring Kale and Spinach pair especially well with our chicken salads. You can find Angelic Bakehouse at Whole Foods & Amazon, or if you’re with us here in the Lone Star State, HEB.

The Wildcard Favorite: Backcountry Pizza!

This is where things get interesting. Start mixing up melted cheese and bread, and well…the options are limitless! The traditional front country car camping approach is to pair with crusty bread and serve bruschetta-style after skillet-baking. For this, we recommend a traditional thin, 7-10″ flatbread pizza crust or for those that are gluten conscious, a cauliflower alternative such as the Rich’s Home Cauliflower Crust.

For more ‘za options, use a tortilla for a caprese-style cheesy taco, or use two large wraps and skillet cook into a quesadilla! 

Have a recommendation or favorite BYO-Bread option yourself? Shoot us a message at trailfood@packitgourmet.com or share with us @packitgourmet! 

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