REMIX! Take your Texas State Fair Chili beyond the bowl.

From the moment we launched our TX State Fair Chili, it has been an award-winning fan favorite! Over the years, we’ve realized the true potential for chili to transcend any and all culinary rules. A true wild card of camp comfort foods and a champion of flavor pairings.

So, without further ado, here are our top 3 favorite TX State Fair Chili remixes!

1. The Texas State Fair Chili-Dog

Ah the hot dog … an All-American delicacy, and a true gift from the universe for hungry kiddos around a campfire!

Next time you’re cooking up hot dogs around the campfire, take it to the next level and pay homage to one of the greatest culinary mash ups of our era with a couple heaping spoonfuls of chili.

2. Classic Chili Frito Pie

So … it’s not technically a pie, but take one giant scoop of crunchy, savory textures and you’ll consider re-defining what a pie really is! Sure, our TX State Fair Chili does come with corn chip toppings, but why not indulge a little?

The recipe is simple, friends…mix the two together directly in a bag of Fritos or mix them in a bowl for sharing!

3. Chili Mac

A simple, one-pot, mashup of savory textures and flavors for campers of all ages! Chili Mac and Cheese starts with cooking traditional instant mac and cheese in your camp pot, then adding in our Texas State Fair Chili and dehydrated cheese powder. There are a ton of healthy options to go with for your mac and cheese base, from the fan favorite — organic Annie’s — to new plant based / gluten free options like Camp.

For Chili Mac using Annie’s Organic Pasta:

  • Boil 24oz water
  • Once boiling, pour in dried pasta (Annie’s was 1.2c)
  • Cook pasta for 4 minutes
  • Add Chili mix
  • Cook for 6 min or until the beans and pasta are cooked through
  • Add Annie’s cheese powder    

And voila – you’ve successfully paired two fortresses of flavor into one single bite!

And there you have it, campers!

3 simple tricks for establishing your reign as camp chef King or Queen this Summer. Do you have your own meal mashup or flavor remix you’re proud of? Email us at [email protected] for a chance to be featured!

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