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One of the biggest challenges for any hike, especially a thru-hike, is FOOD. And since you’ve already decided to eat the most delicious food out there (Packit Gourmet, of course), the next question is — how do I carry it all?

While the trail may take you through deserts, up mountains, in forests and wild lands, you’ll also have access to towns that house USPS offices and businesses that will accept and hold packages for you. This allows you the opportunity to plan your meals ahead of time and have resupply boxes shipped to you throughout your thru-hike.

We’ve complied a list of USPS offices and businesses along some of the most popular hiking trails in the US: the Appalachian Trail, John Muir Trail and Pacific Crest Trail. Use the plans outlined below to plan your own shipments or to ship meals and other goods directly from PackitGourmet.com.

Appalachian Trail

Passing through 14 states (Georgia thru Maine) and covering 2,192 miles, the Appalachian Trail is one of the longest continuously marked footpaths in the world. The AT began as an idea in 1921, it was completed in 1937 and, to date, over 20k hikers have completed a continuous thru-hike.

Check out our list of over 100 locations along the AT that accept mail drops for AT hikers either at the local post office and/or at a local business.


Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Appalachian Trail National Scenic Trail


John Muir Trail

Running from Yosemite Valley to Mt Whitney in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California, the JMT spans 211 miles over 3 National Parks: Yosemite, King Canyon and Sequoia.  For about 160 miles, the trail follows the same footpath as the longer Pacific Crest Trail. It is named after John Muir, a naturalist and advocate for the preservation of wilderness in the USA.

Check out our list of 8 locations that will accept mail drops for JMT hikers either at the local post office and/or at a local business.


Pacific Crest Trail Association- John Muir Trail Segment

The JMT Wilderness Organization

Pacific Crest Trail

This 2,650 mile trail is closely aligned with the highest portion of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges. Spanning from Mexico to Canada — through California, Oregon and Washington — the PCT passes through 5 national monuments, 5 state parks, 6 national parks, 7 BLM filed offices, 25 national forest units and 48 federal wilderness areas to create an international treasure.

The PCT was first proposed in 1935, was designated a National Scenic Trail in 1968, officially completed in 1993 and to date, there have been over 7k visitors estimated to have completed a PCT thru-hike.

Check out our list of over 40 locations that will accept mail drops for PCT hikers either at the local post office and/or at a local business.


Pacific Crest Trail Association

Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail

Plan Your Hike




1. How should I have my package shipped?

If you are shipping your package to a post office, you must select USPS shipping. The post office will not accept deliveries from UPS or FedEx and your package will be returned to Packit Gourmet.

If you are having your package shipped to an outfitter, hotel, etc., please check with the receiving party to find out how the package should be shipped. Some locations cannot accept USPS deliveries, others cannot accept deliveries from UPS/FedEx.

You will be able to select the shipping carrier of your choice at checkout. Please be sure that you are selecting the correct carrier type as that is how we will ship your package.

2. How long will the post office hold my package?

The post office will hold mail and packages addressed to you at General Delivery for up to 30 days. Mail and packages can be picked up at the retail window.

In medium to large cities with multiple ZIP Codes, you’ll want to make sure senders use the ZIP Code for the area’s main Post Office. The “ZIP”-9999 indicates general delivery (for example: 78704-9999).

3. Why send a package to a hotel/outfitter rather than the post office?

The post office has standard business hours during the week and is closed on Sunday. If you think you might need to pick up a package during a time when the post office will be closed, you may want to consider shipping it to an outfitter or hotel that accepts packages.

4. How do I let Packit Gourmet know where I’d like to receive my package when shipping to the AT, CDT, etc.?

When placing your order you’ll be able to enter a billing and a shipping address. Enter your home address in the billing area and the trail address in the shipping area.

If receiving your package at a post office, please enter the following information as the shipping address:

Hold for A.T. Hiker “First Name” “Last Name”
General Delivery
City, State, Zip Code
ETA: Date/Date Range

**Use your real first and last name on the package and have your ID handy to pick it up. Your ID will be checked against the name on the package – make sure they match!

If receiving your package at a hotel/outfitter, please enter the following information as the shipping information:

Hold for A.T. Hiker “First Name” “Last Name”
C/O: Hotel/Outfitter Business Name
City, State, Zip Code
ETA: Date/Date Range

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