Monday, August 25, 2008

Powdered vs Liquid Syrup

We got in a new type of syrup today – syrup in a packet. This was a great find since almost all of the small packages of syrup come in a cup rather than a pouch. Cups don’t work at all because they pop open pretty easily if you apply too much pressure to them. Could you imagine opening up your backpack only to find that your cup of syrup exploded when you sat on it during lunch and now you have syrup all over your pack?!

This 1.5oz packet of syrup is just about the right amount for one person eating pancakes, French toast, scrapple or biscuits. It’s tasty, you don’t have to spend time trying to get your syrup from home into a little bottle, and at only $0.45 is a great deal!

Our organic powdered
maple syrup is a great choice for campers concerned with weight or for those preferring the taste of pure maple syrup. Since campers can choose to rehydrate as much or as little maple syrup as they would like, there is very little mess or waste left to clean up. Plus, with only one ingredient (organic dehydrated maple syrup) and no additives or preservatives, our maple syrup granules are one of the purest sweeteners around!

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